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Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC is known as the “Mother of Coaching,” and

Courses for

Dr. Cherie customizes her presentations for your requirements.

Process Facilitation for
Engagement & Alignment

If you have a need to bring people together to create a vision, alignment, congruence,

Executive Coaching &
Train the Trainer

In these complex times, we are bombarded by more stimulation than e


Who We Are

When people feel as if the work that Dr. Cherie has created is part of their life mission, they ask to be trained to teach the courses in their native country. In order to do this they take the Master Class, they record the books in their mother tongue, they find the appropriate avenues to bring MMS to their country, and they become licensed and trained to teach the courses in their mother tongue.

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Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott