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As a New York Times #1 Bestselling author, If Life Is a Game, These are the Rules: The Ten Rules for Being Human has been published in 40 countries with over two million books sold. Dr. Carter-Scott has 16 additional published titles including: If Success Is a Game, Negaholics: How To Overcome Negativity and Turn Your Life Around, The Waves of Change, The Corporate Negaholic: How to Successfully Deal with Negative Employees, Managers, and Corporations.

Dr. Carter-Scott is known for her expertise in Change Management, and turning negative attitudes into positive behaviors. Along with her coaching and training skills, she moves her clients from doubt, confusion, and uncertainty to clarity, vision, and choice. She is known for motivating individuals to take charge of their lives and make the seemingly impossible happen. Dr. Carter-Scott is a master facilitator working directly with “C-suite” executives and management on vision, goals, and executing their missions.

Dr. Chérie brings her 35+ years of profound research on Managing Change, overcoming Negativity, Human Development, Leadership and Success into your organization or annual event. She helps your team accelerate their success ratio exponentially. Hundreds of corporations and associations have been educated, entertained, and fascinated by her exceptional work in motivation, managing change, team building, leadership, customer service, management skills, and life balance. Dr. Chérie embodies the principles, tools and techniques that inspire individuals to create tangible results.

Dr. Chérie’s material comes from almost four decades of research, streamlined into her speeches and books. She is a professional who walks her talk and speaks from real-life experience. Her case histories, anecdotes, and examples of key points come directly from her hands-on support of individuals and organizations on five continents. She embodies what she shares. Her remarkable ability to connect, uplift, and inspire coupled with her extraordinary facilitation skills will touch the heart of every audience member. She is a powerful storyteller who incorporates high content with fun and humor. Dr. Chérie involves her audiences by engaging not only the heart and the mind, but most important…the spirit. Her information has impacted audiences around the world, and each participant leaves with at least one action step to deploy after her presentation.

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Passionate Leadership If Life Is a Game
Teambuilding If Success Is a Game
Change Management If Love Is a Game
Customer Satisfaction Overcoming Negaholism
Dealing with Negativity If High School Is a Game
  Gift of Motherhood
  Baby Boomers

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. is a recognized leader in the field of Human and Organizational Development. Dr. Chérie has been successfully speaking, training, consulting, and coaching change & human transitions since 1974.

Dr. Chérie uses a combination of stories, computer-graphic slides, audience engagement, humor, tools, techniques, case histories, and statistics. She customizes her presentations and the design depending on your objectives, time frames, and preferences.

Speaking Clients Include: KPMG, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Chambers of Commerce, The Principal Financial Group, State Farm Insurance, Ronald McDonald House, Rockhurst College, Rockwell Health Care, PSI Seminars, MGM Resorts, UCSB, VitalLife, US Air National Guard, US Reserves, Swedish Health Care, ISM-South Africa, to name a few.

Topics: These programs are all enriched with high-content materials.

Change Management ~ Shift from Victim to Victorious
We live in turbulent times, riddled with change. To succeed in this new millennium you must know how to deal with personal change, career change, intrinsic and extrinsic change. You need to sort out your options, make choices and decisions, and stand behind them. Dr. Chérie teaches Change Management as an essential survival skill in the world we live in. Her work with Negaholism and the anatomy of choice, commitment, empowerment, and buy-in is groundbreaking and profound.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it’s accepted as being self-evident.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860

If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules ~ Ten Rules for a Fulfilling Life
Dr. Chérie challenges her audiences to individually define success. She underscores that success is different from fulfillment, which comes from within. As Dr. Chérie walks her audience through the ten universal truths for success, weaving her life and the stories of other successful people into a mosaic that beckons audience members to become involved by closely examining their own lives. With supportive confrontation, Dr. Chérie encourages people to reveal their reality and become empowered to make choices that enable their dreams to become reality.

Negaholics ~ How to Handle Negativity in the Workplace
If employee morale is uncertain, unengaged, or if they lack satisfaction, then Dr. Chérie can help you deal with reorganizing, restructuring, or downsizing... all aspects of change management, resistance to change, and helping people buy into your vision for the future. Dr. Chérie helps organizations overcome negativity and transform pressure into profit!

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

- Kahlil Gibran

If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules ~ Ten Rules for Being Human
Dr. Chérie's signature speech! These ten rules so resonate with people around the globe that the book has been translated into over 40 languages. Worldwide audiences delight in Dr. Chérie's practical and profound, wise and witty, blend of mainstream and metaphysical truths. Dr. Chérie is a master at making you laugh and cry at the same time. Her life experience provides her with the background, and expertise to touch the hearts of every attendee. She also provides the tools, techniques, and audience participation to engage people of all ages.

If Love Is a Game, These Are the Rules ~ Ten Rules for Finding Authentic Love
The ideal spousal program that combines Dr. Chérie's style addressing gender differences, humor, with audience participation. Attendees find themselves nodding, laughing out loud, and elbowing their neighbor. The ten rules is an entertaining presentation that people will talk about for years. This program is guaranteed to delight spouses.

Passionate Leadership ~ The Future is Now!
Some leaders are born, others are made, however, Dr. Chérie teaches that leadership is a choice! Choosing to lead others comes with responsibility and accountability. The willingness to show up, stand up, and speak up regarding what you believe is the challenge of today’s leadership. Authentic leadership calls you to embrace your values, walk your talk, and lead with integrity. Dr. Chérie has always been a leader, way ahead of her time, and willing to go the distance.

Teambuilding ~ Teams Aren’t Born, They Are Built!
Teamwork is defined as a collection of people who must rely on group
collaboration to achieve the result. Teamwork is the critical difference between success and the explanations. The ten qualities of effective teams rings true to anyone who has ever been on a team. The undeniable core is respect, without it, a team cannot be formed. Dr. Chérie speaks from experience as one who has built corporate teams in Fortune 500 companies for almost four decades.

Customer Service ~ It can be Legendary!
In a perfect world everyone would provide excellent customer service without a second thought. We live in a world where "stuff" happens that we didn't anticipate, people become stressed, and don't know how to regain their balance. Customer service suffers from increased expectations, reduced resources, task-saturation, and multiple convergent role demands. Dr. Chérie wrote her dissertation on the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, where she proved conclusively with her research that there is a direct link!

"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work, he is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider to our business, he is a part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

- Gandhi


In an entertaining, insightful presentation, Dr. Carter-Scott gave an uplifting talk that gave us new tools, tricks and buzzwords to overcome negative self talk. We all benefited from your presentation.

 - Richard Funess,
   Managing Director , Manning Selvage & Lee

Dear Chérie,
I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for your presentation before the Santa Barbara City College Business and Industry Associates. In looking around the room during your remarks, I had noticed that our audience was locked in rapt attention, hanging on your every word. Our members certainly gained from your remarks and returned to their offices and businesses with something to think about. Again, it was a pleasure to have you join the College for this important event, and I look forward to seeing you on campus again in the near future.

 - James Minow,
   Associate VP for Development , Santa Barbara City College

Just a quick note to say your speech today was excellent. You are one of the very best inspirational speakers I have ever heard. From the outset, you captured and maintained everyone's attention. A number of friends were equally impressed. It is refreshing to see a speaker not promote their own services or products, and your call to action from the audience was very well received. Thank you again for your time and thoughts.

 - Randall L. Schweitzer

On behalf of the Education & Training Committee and the members of the Association of Municipal Court Clerks of California, I would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation at our Southern Spring Conference. I was able to sit in on your "Setting realistic Goals". Not only did I receive useful information, but your demeanor made it thoroughly enjoyable. I have also heard many other enthusiastic comments. Thank you again

 - Illona L. Pohlschmidt,
   Co-Chair , Association of Municipal Court Clerks of California, Inc.

Thank you for your excellent presentation. The next day some of the members of the group were the applying the techniques you suggested for dealing with their fellow Negaholics. That was one of the specific goals we were trying to achieve for our membership. Everyone agreed that you have been our best speaker of the year!

 - Dwayne Warren,
   Program Chair , Hughes Fullerton Management Club

Your presentation was an absolutely outstanding example of participation learning. I have used parts of your tape several times to learn from your outstanding ability o not project your thoughts into your listening. Your abilities go way beyond these methods and are invaluable.

 - Don Stonebraker , IBM

Thanks for investing your time and sharing your knowledge with our conference attendees. Your presentation was of superior quality.

 - Laurie R. Lee , Association for Worksite Health Promotion

Dr. Carter-Scott did a wonderful presentation for our attendees in overcoming negativity. As you can see from the evaluations, the rating of "excellent" was unanimous from all of our attendees.

 - Stephanie Swarner , National Management Association

Your messages were heard loud and clear by my staff. I am so grateful I found you and that you were available to speak to our group. Thank you for your support, for your life's work and for speaking at our event. I am personally grateful for how I benefited from your talk.

 - Maureen Ross Gemme , The Hartford Technology Services

Thanks for being our speaker at our monthly meeting. Everyone enjoyed your presentation, and as the meeting planner, that makes me very happy. Even the day after, everyone is walking around saying how much he or she enjoyed the evening. It was just what we needed!

 - Linda Lang,
   Abex Aerospace Chapter

Thank you very much for your participation in our Classified Professional Growth Day held on May 20th. A review of the evaluation forms tells us your presentation was well received by those attending you session. You are an excellent speaker and held the interest of the audience throughout your presentation. On behalf of the classified staff and the planning team, thank you again for your time and effort given to the success of our program.

 - Dorene McCracken,
   Director of Classified Personnel , Santa Barbara County Education Office

The feedback from your presentation, "You Make the Difference" was extremely positive. Daily I receive compliments about your presentation. Employees stop me in the halls to tell me what an impact your comments have had on their lives. I have also had employees call to tell me how your book speaks directly to their situation and needs. The glow from the conference has not worn off.

 - Deborah Weber,
   State Farm Insurance

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your exemplary efforts on behalf of Tri-Counties Regional Center. Our Community Meetings were very successful due in large part to your excellent facilitating and interaction with the participants. The three groups were somewhat different in composition and you handled each of them with finesse, professionalism and special attention to our consumers and their input. Your positive approach, quick study and immediate availability are traits we value highly. We received many compliments on the manner in which the public input was handled. Those thanks are shared with you.

 - Claudia DeMarco,
   Associate Director , Tri-Counties Regional Center

Thank you so much for your time and energy on our recent sales retreat with the focus on 'appreciation'. The time you put into our presentation, as well as your input during the discussion planning process was invaluable. I believe that bringing you into our retreat and sharing an outside viewpoint allowed our group to 'Think outside the box'. Additionally I think we achieved our goal of passing on the appreciation to our clients which will bring us a greater return on our business.

 - Sue McLain,
   Director of Sales , Four Seasons Biltmore

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation on dealing with verbal attacks for our Planned Parenthood staff. Comments about your presentation were extremely positive and I personally benefited from your suggestions on how to stay calm under pressure.

 - Scott McCann, Ph.D.,
   Director of Education , Planned Parenthood

Dear Dr. Cherie and Michael Pomije,

It gives Vitallife Corporation and me great honor to document our sincere appreciation to the two of you for engineering the Change Process for Vitallife's key members. You supported both the management and physician team to become more effective professionals.

From early July, 2010 in your interviews with our management to our retreat held in August, in Thailand, we observed a marked improvement in the following areas: positive attitude, customer service procedures, systems, and a willingness to work effectively together as a team. You then initiated follow up conversations with team members that carried us through the first quarter of 2011.

The board of directors and I have witnessed the shift from non-responsive and uncooperative to positive, supportive, and engaged team players. This has clearly demonstrated your professional skills in managing change, working with challenging staff, (especially physicians) as well as dealing with cultural differences, and motivating people to change attitudes and behaviors.

What we appreciate the most is the "passion" that you and Michael have demonstrated with your Employee Owned Change: Teambuilding & Customer Service Program to our Vitallife team. The customized approach that you and Michael have extended to our team has resulted in financial growth of 80% net compared to our 2009 performance. The professional development you provided significantly impacted our manager's attitudes and our daily operations became much more efficient. The result was improved customer service in the #1 healthcare provider in Southeast Asia.

Once again, we thank you both for the tremendous contribution you have made to us. We are also grateful for the relationship that we have developed with you in successfully achieving Vitallife's corporate objectives in 2010. We will be pleased to be your official reference to any potential clients in the near future.

We look forward to your guidance to our team to meet new challenge facing us in wellness industry.

Yours sincerely,

 - Anthony Jude Tan,
   Chief Executive Officer

Dear Dr. Carter-Scott, My name is Helle Tangen and I am from Norway. My mother is turning 60 in a month, and she loves your book "If life is a game". She has read it over and over again, and she bought it for all of her friends for Christmas. She's constantly talking about it, and quoting you. My mother is the kindest, most wonderful person in the world, and I so much want to give her a special present for her 60th birthday...

 - Helle Tangen

Great Job!!! I really like the interactive approach to learning. I appreciate the importance of listening, re-framing and the difference between objections and questions.

 - Laura Kath,
   President , Mariah Marketing

Since my consultative sales course I am feeling more proactive than reactive with my clients. I have found the inspiration to actually follow up on quotes, with service-oriented frame of mind rather than my previous mindset ready for rejection. I am eager to follow up on my clients? satisfaction with a completed job.

 - Nani Chang,
   Manager , Insty Prints

Dear Chérie,
Just a note to say thanks for an effective seminar? I truly enjoyed the day and the interaction. The feedback from Marsha, Ginger, and Valerie was positive and got their “juice” going. I also realized I needed to do some role-playing with my agents; initially they resisted it but found the role-playing to be really stimulating.

 - Sylvia

“Responding to an inner call to attend the MMS Coach Training in Bangkok has quite literally changed my life. I now recognize this call as a 'message' but at the time it seemed like an impossible challenge. Fortunately, I trusted my instincts and within a couple of months, had resigned from my job to build a new career path as a Coach.

The next three months were to hold some of the most challenging and most precious times of my life. I lived and grew in ways that I had previously thought unimaginable. With the support of the entire MMS team, I was able to break through many obstacles and start seeing myself as a Coach.

Now, back home, I am in the process of setting up my own coaching business. I am grateful for every ounce of wisdom and support I have received, especially that which ultimately came from within."

 - Claire Higgins,

“I KNOW that I am a great coach, what used to be my weakness as a trainer became my true strength and gift as a coach. I am humble, respectful, kind, and that creates a perfectly safe environment for the coachee. It is the perfect intersection between “What I LOVE to do” and “What I CAN DO WELL.” I do believe that I have found my purpose on earth. I will be a great coach serving millions of people, directly indirectly… and now I am truly happy with this vision that I will pursue.

Taking MMS Coach Training was one of the best choice in my life since MMS CT has been the best time of my life. I have been literally REBORN. Cherie is not only the “Mother of Coaching” to me, she is like a real mum to me… the one who gave birth to this new me.. .gave me a new life with clear sense of purpose and personal power so I could make it come true. I know she will continue to support me throughout the way. Michael kept saying that “We are here to serve.” Now I fully understand the meaning of this statement. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. I can’t say thank you enough.

Thank you from my heart.”

 - Coach Nat Permup,