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"I’m Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, behavioral scientist, master coach-Life Designer in supporting your new Operating System. I help you create and promote “Emotional Safety” for yourself and those you love so that you can overcome the six barriers to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I work with individuals, coaches and managers of Fortune 500 companies, and for every person I do the same thing - I help to create a foundation of emotional safety so that you and/or your organization can operate at peak efficiency and profitability."


Known as the “Mother of Coaching,” Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott has been a pioneer in the field of Human Development and Motivation since 1974. She started to coach and train coaches before it was a profession.


Dr. Chérie is the #1 New York Times Best Selling author of If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules, published in 40 countries with more than four million copies sold; Transformational Life Coaching, a handbook for coaches; Negaholics: Stop Being Negative and Reclaim Your Happiness, and 18 additional titles.

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I have known Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott for over twenty years. I have taken her workshop, co-sponsored conferences with her, had her consult with my organization, and she has been my own personal coach.

When we included the Rules for Being Human by “Anonymous” in Chicken Soup for the Soul®, I had no idea that Chérie was the author. When I learned that she was the author of the Rules, I was delighted yet not surprised. Chérie is a master facilitator whose life is dedicated to empowering and transforming people’s experience of living life, so it made perfect sense that she would have created this astonishingly profound and simple template for understanding life.

While reading this book, you will begin to see your life from a whole new perspective. If you embrace the principles in this book, I promise you that your life will magically transform, and that you will learn the secrets to manifesting your heart’s desire. The

Ten Rules for Being Human will open up many transformational opportunities for you. Enjoy the book, learn the lessons, and become a master of the game of life.

Most of all, she shows that wisdom lies inside each one of us and that by putting The Ten Rules for Being Human into action we can create a more fulfilling life.

                                                                                                          - Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules

Seemingly simple, this book is layered with wisdom for those willing to put in the effort to think how the text applies to one's life. It reminds me of a Buddhist text where a seemingly simple statement can illuminate a powerful insight. If put into action, this little tome could profoundly affect how life is experienced and lived.

                                   -William McGhee


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