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This Is Her Story 

Dr. Carter-Scott is executive producer of Leap: The Coaching Movie, a feature

documentary to be released in 2018. She has been a frequent guest on Oprah

and has appeared on numerous international media tours that include The

Today Show, CNN, and dozens of TV, radio, and print outlets. Not only is she

a media personality who has worked on five continents and in more than

30 countries, she currently trains and licenses coaches in Europe, Asia

and North America.

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. is the CEO of MMS Institute, LLC., a boutique firm which

specializes in custom-designed personal development and professional training

programs conducted by her team of highly skilled coaches. She has worked with

her clients in the areas of coaching, mentoring, and coaching supervision, and she

is currently being trained by the ICF headquarters to be one of their 100

pre-eminent assessors worldwide.

She is a subject matter expert in motivation, self-esteem, customer relations,

change management, communication skills, team building, coaching, mentoring,

customer service, change management, Negaholics—overcoming negativity, and

leadership training. Her online training program, offers intense

content of 130 modules, presenting 20 online courses available 24/7.

After securing her education in theatre arts, and then conducting workshops for more than four decades around the globe, she combined the two professions and developed a theatrical experience. This body of work incorporates her knowledge of playwriting, musical composition, and integrates her insights into human development. She combined all of this with selected vignettes from her masterful Inner Negotiation Workshop and created a musical titled, The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal for Life!

Dr. Chérie has been coaching change successfully for more than 40 years, individually, in teams, and in Mergers and Acquisitions. Her portfolio of companies includes:

  • Motivation Management Service Institute, Inc (MMS)

  • The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV

  • Management Coaching Service, LP


All have reached millions of people worldwide.


Some of her Fortune 500 corporate clients include: KPMG, DHL, MGM Resorts, FMC, American Express, IBM, State Farm Insurance, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and hundreds of others.

Get In The Game, and Go For It 

Get In The Game, and Go For It 

Excerpt From Business Balls

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott’s rules of life ("10 Rules for Being Human")

Cherie Carter-Scott PhD is a very modern guru. Her theories explain our attitudes and behaviour with a special clarity, and provide a practical guide to behaviour and self development. Dr Carter- Scott achieved her PhD in human and organisational development and for the nearly 30 years has been an international lecturer, consultant and author. She founded the MMS (Motivation Management Service) Institute and has been called a guardian angel to CEO’s. Carter-Scott’s 1998 book ‘If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules’ is essential reading if you are interested in behaviour, relationships, communications, and human personality. The ‘Rules For Being Human’ provide a map for understanding and pursuing personal development, and for helping others to understand and develop too.



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