Baby Boomer’s Bible to Life After 50 e-Book


This is a book about staying young while gently adding years from the perspective of awareness, choice, and appropriate action. Through extensive research and interviews, the author has quantified ten underlying universal truths that determine the quality of the aging experience. This book invites the reader to examine their existing beliefs, making conscious choices, and create action plans to design their lives after 50.

If you are approaching the age of 50 (or beyond), then you need to have this “Bible” as your constant companion. Knowing what to expect and what to do about the changes you are experiencing is important. In Dr. Cherie’s research she interviewed people between the ages of 50 and 100 because she wanted to know the secrets of those who were happier later in life. She found there were five pillars that needed to be in place.

1) Health is paramount. Making sure you are as healthy as possible;

2) Financial stability is key to reducing reducing stress and worry;

3) Relationships that are functional, fruitful, and fun!

4) Passion for something that has the power to get you out of bed in the morning; 

5) Effectively dealing with loss in every form. As we grow older, there tend to be more losses than gains. Success in your later years depends on these 5 factors! Celebrate  Life!

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