The Art of Giving: 10 Truths to Bring More Joy and Pleasure to Those You Love e-Book


The Art of Giving: 10 Ways to bring more joy and pleasure to those you love… is an extraordinary guide to gift giving. Whether the gift be an experience, a letter, something sentimental, or something of monetary value; The Art of Giving will help you to determine the perfect gift for everyone in your life!

Dr. Chérie’s  joy is giving people what they want . 

She shares what she has learned from over 30 

years of intense  listening so that you too may bring more joy to those you love through your attention, generosity, and willingness.  

Ideally this book will help you enhance your relationships as you use it to lift your spirits, enrich experiences, and demonstrate to those you love how much you care. It is your tool to unlock your imagination, creativity, and bring more happiness to those you love. This is an ideal book for non-profits.


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