The Gift of Motherhood: 10 Truths for Every Mother

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Part tribute, part handbook, The Gift of Motherhood exudes Carter-Scott’s vitality and wit, offering moms a way to celebrate the joys and navigate the rough spots along their journey. Though every mother walks her own path and every child is unique, Motherhood shares certain universal truths. This gem of a book acknowledges and affirms that the experience of being a mother is astounding, overwhelming, miraculous, and above all, a gift.

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Inspired by her relationship with her own daughter and informed by the numerous parents and teens she’s helped in her family workshops, Cherie Carter-Scott culls the ten truths she's observed about this special role:

  1. Having a child changes your life.
  2. Motherhood is an experience unlike any other.
  3. A mother has many roles.
  4. If you honor your children's essence, they will blossom.
  5. Love shows up in many different forms.
  6. As your child grows, so will you.
  7. There will be highs and lows.
  8. Remembering to care for yourself is essential.
  9. There is no such thing as a perfect mother.
  10. Motherhood is a process that never ends.

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1 review for The Gift of Motherhood: 10 Truths for Every Mother

  1. Cheryl S. Harrington

    Been there, done that and totally agree with Cherie Carter-Scott’s assessments of “Motherhood.” Having raised three children of my own I can relate to the journey discussed in these pages. It made me laugh, cry and feel so blessed for being a part of this very unique, “awesome” “passage” of life. I don’t agree AT ALL with the editorial reviewers use of the word “corny” in relating to this book. It makes me wonder if the reviewer isn’t male or maybe not a mother. Maybe if a mother, in the beginning stages. This is an excellent read for a mother-to-be a mother in the middle or a mother at the very emotional stages of “letting go.” Thank you Cherie for touching my heart. You hit the mark in my book. “Awesome” as you said, is a good description of a part of a womens life that really has no words that can totally describe what it is to be a “Mother.”

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