Transformational Life Coaching

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Transformational Life Coaching is the ultimate manual for coaching. Whether you aspire to become a coach, are already a professional coach, or use coaching in your work, this is the ultimate “coaching bible” required for anyone who empowers others. Chapter 1 addresses your relationship with yourself and Chapter 10 is about creating community, TLC tells it all is a warm-hearted, spirited manner.

Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., is the original life coach. In 1974, she founded the first Coach Training program and since then has written many books, including the #1 New York Times bestseller If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human.

Continuing her tradition of teaching others how to become 'brilliant' coaches for themselves and their clients, Dr. Carter-Scott's Transformational Life Coaching reveals the strategies she uses with hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide with astonishing success.

For more than thirty years, Dr. Carter-Scott and her business partner, Lynn U. Stewart, have been training people to become life coaches through their organization, Motivation Management Service (the MMS Institute), a network of executive coaches, consultants, and trainers. Now, in this inspirational guidebook, you will learn the strategies that students of the MMS Institute receive, as well as the necessary tools of transformational life coaching, including:

  • The Checklist for a 'Brilliant' Session
  • The importance of acknowledging, integrating, and honoring feelings
  • Listening to messages to guide the process
  • Use of flow, energy, and chakras in the coaching process
  • How to transform old negative patterns into positive imprints
  • How to market and build your coaching practice
  • The Twelve Steps to Living the Process of Transformational Life Coaching

Whether you are a professional coach, are interested in becoming a coach, or use coaching in your work, this is the ultimate coaching bible required for anyone who empowers people.

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4 reviews for Transformational Life Coaching

  1. Shekenya Harris

    I seriously love this book and I haven’t completed it yet. I found myself stopping to think or to just get my “stuff” together while reading it. I am implementing the things I’ve learned in this book and helping my clients clean their life up.

  2. Starlaaaa

    this book is incredible, I initially ordered it so that I could maybe figure out a way to help the people around me, upon reading it I found peace with things that I didn’t know were bothering me. Really makes you look inside of yourself, not in a negative way, I feel better. Wonderful book.

  3. Tally Ho

    Just reading this book will inspire your life as you flow along with the writings. If I’d had this lady as a coach I can only imagine where I might be standing today.

  4. Margaret E. Lawrence

    I am glad I bought this book. Dr. Carter-Scott provided need-to-know information that can help me coming into the coaching business. I particularly liked the simple straight-in-your-face language she used to drive home her advice. Her book has become a go-to guide in my personal reference collection.

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