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Waves of Change: How to Survive and Thrive When You Feel Overwhelmed navigates you through the various levels of change and provides you with real life lessons which equip you with the skills necessary to cope with and manage all levels of change in your life.

While reading this book, you will read examples of change that you may have already conquered, are in the middle of, or that you may encounter in the future. You will be presented with an entirely new perspective on the changes you are encountering. Whether you are managing the stress of a Level 7 Rip Tide, battling the catastrophic loss of a Level 10 Tsunami, or simply learning to handle the frustrations which accompany a Level 2 Ripple, embracing the principles in Waves of Change will allow you to discover how resilient and capable you truly are.

Waves of Change is about Change Management: individually, interdepartmentally, and systemically. Waves of Change compares change to the different types of waves: ones we can control, ones that require others to manage, and those that totally overwhelm all of us. If you are dealing with change, on any level, this book will help you see your circumstances from an entirely new perspective and provide guidance, tools, and strategies that you can put to use immediately! 

Heraclitus wrote in 2562 BC, “The only constant is change!”

We are in the midst of significant change, and yet we are still resisting, denying, or simply waiting it out. Ideally you want to ride the waves of change, but no one ever told you how to do that. This is your navigation tool to learning how to ride the waves of change so that you don’t need to drown, struggle, or hope it will end soon. This E-Book is a treasure to surviving life in this new century!

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