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When she started MMS Worldwide Institute specializing in training professional coaches online globally, she predicted that one day it would become a profession. MMS is the oldest Coach Training organization in the world! This ICF ACTP program (125-hour) is fully online and continues to train the most effective Coaches in the world. The addition to being taught by Dr. Chérie, our students also secure their certification as an ICF/MMS coach!  MMS also offers the (60-hour) ACSTH for students who want to get started but are challenged by time, schedules, or finances.

An MMS trained coach helps clients determine their vision, strategy, action plan, and then supports them in the realization of the next chapter of their lives. Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott envisioned coaching as a profession in 1974, when she started MMS Worldwide Institute specializing in training the best coach professionals. ​Dr. Chérie realized that the skills required to coach were very different from consulting, advising, and mentoring. As a response to significant demand, Dr. Chérie designed and presented the very first MMS Coach Training in San Francisco in 1974; later in 1990 MMS Coach Training was invited to Europe, to train coaches; then in 2010 MMS Coach Training was invited to train coaches in Asia. 

The MMS Certified Coaches are supported by learning the ICF Core Competencies that include asking open-ended questions, listening actively, evoking awareness, suspending judgment, creating a safe and supportive environment encouraging the client to use their presence, imagination, desire, willingness, belief, and commitment  to create the life they want to live. The coach has no agenda, nor does she know what the best option for the client is. The MMS Coach doesn’t provide his own advice, guidance, or good ideas, like a mentor does.

Humans are creatures of habit. We like familiar, predictable, stable, controllable circumstances. Transitions can be unsettling…for anyone because they drive us into the unknown zone. When circumstances change, they can cause a little ripple, vertigo, or even a full-scale “Life-quake.” Whether we set our own goals, like getting in shape, lowering our golf score, or becoming an excellent presenter…when change occurs, like interviewing for a new job opportunity, where new skills are required, doubt, uncertainty, overwhelm, and even low-level anxiety can easily enter one’s thoughts and feelings..

In order to navigate through the opportunities, threats, risks, and benefits, it is essential to have an objective, focused, and supportive coach who can ensure steady progress while providing empathy for the client. The environment must be safe, judgment-free, permissive, and creative in order for the client to discover their best options and emerge as their best self. The process is short-term and results-oriented. Initially, the transition is communicated, the options and alternatives are explored, and a choice is made taking all factors into consideration. After the choice has been determined, a plan is formulated based on motivation, capability, ramifications, and time factors. At this point the coach stays closely connected to the client to provide support and encouragement at each juncture…whether it is to offer support when plans are obstructed, encouragement when everything seems hopeless, or validation when results have been produced. The coach is a trusted, confidential, and safe professional who possesses exceptional listening skills, coupled with finely tuned intuition encapsulated with “empathetic un-attachment” to empower the client to grow through and with the transition presented.

"Learning to coach is like swimming upstream against the current. Our world is full of experts, authorities, advisors, and mentors. Learning to coach from the "inside out" means that you access your authentic self, transcend your ego, and become a partner in service to your clients. MMS Worldwide Institute offers the TECC course with elegance, scientific documentation, and support every step along the way. When you choose this course you choose the original, the oldest training for coaches, and the best!"

Karel Bakkes
Partner Deloitte Southeast Asia

"The MMS coach training contains every element that I have been searching for. The power of awakening, the presence, the connection to one’s inner wisdom, and the purpose of encouraging others to be brilliant in their own lives, closely resonate with me. I have experienced several transformational moments in my life, from an entrepreneur to a corporate employee, from a China country HR Head to a global HR leader, from partnering with business leaders to leading the global function for leadership development programs for Philips. "

Amelia Zhou
Former Global HR VP of Philips Domestic Appliances

"Dr. Chérie’s personally led MMS Coaching Training and has an exceptional impact on my professional development. The teachings and curriculum are deeply rooted in her own diverse career and experiences as an internationally-recognized consultant, advisor, and coach. The curriculum design provided comprehensive content, and included useful and accessible provisions of ongoing community support. "

Susan Ott
SVP, Growth & Marketing, eviCore.com

5 Reasons for Attending

Transformative Intention and Design

Our TECC is designed to be transformative instead of transactional so we can confidently give clients a reason for why us and deliver a superior participant experience through combining research in adult learning, decades of experience in having helped thousands of successful leaders and teams, and embodiment of coaching principles we teach.

“Best-in-Class” Trainer Caliber and Experience

Our lead trainer, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, is one of the world’s most-respected coaching pioneers, an ICF MCC and a NYT-bestselling author, who sort of invented coach training in 1974. Up till today she has led over 160 ACTP and ACSTH programs in North America, Europe and APAC.

Highest Standards and Superior Participant Value:

Our TECC is an ACTP program, standing out for its longest industry history of excellence and value, which is attested by raving participant reviews.

Ongoing Support to Growth and Partnership

We have carefully developed our brand that is accessible through our programs, websites, books and YouTube, and the famous MindSpan coach network serving 450+ global/local clients including 131 Fortune 500 companies.

Coaching clients have various objectives.
Some of them are:

  • To learn to become non-judgmental

  • To learn how to quiet the voices in my mind

  • To become a better listener

  • To find out what is most important to me

  • To discover what gives and what drains my energy

  • To respect and believe in myself

  • To be able to delegate with confidence

  • To live a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life

  • To learn how to set and manage my boundaries

  • To be able to say ‘no’ more easily

  • To develop my leadership skills

  • To design my next chapter/future that works best for me

  • To transform old habits into new behaviors

  • To connect and honor my inner voice

  • To discover my blind spots

  • To learn to be kind to myself

  • To be calm and self-confident

  • To stand up for myself when I need to

  • To find balance between thinking and feeling

  • To become an authentic, effective and successful coach

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