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You can now earn your continuing education credits taking Dr Cherie’s online courses through In cooperation with XTRAredits, each of Dr. Cherie’s continuing education courses  courses are now approved at the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for CORE credits.  Her continuing coaching education credit CCE courses are outstanding and available 24/7 approved at the International Coach Federation. Click the buy now button to make your purchase.

Each one of Dr. Cherie’s courses is presented in a format that is both enjoyable and effective. You progress at your own pace and the Virtual Training’s are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You have 90 days to complete your course after your purchase and earn your completion certificate.

It’s almost like having internationally recognized Dr. Cherie as your very own personal coach, available 24/7. So don’t wait any longer — begin earning your continuing education credits with these fun and easy-to-learn courses! Sign-up now!


The Meaningful Moments you have with your clients will result in more authentic coaching relationships. How do you achieve those special moments? When you have an authentic connection with yourself you will be better positioned to engage with your clients on a more genuine and deeper level.In this course you will learn proven ways to connect with yourself so you can then establish trust and intimacy with your clients at a more significant level. This deeper level will impact your coaching relationships and as a result will make your coaching more relevant, meaningful, and powerful. 

1 Hour / 1 Credit

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