Executive Coaching

transition and prepare their newly minted executive. She knows how to walk the line between management’s requests and the confidentiality of the coaching relationship.


Dr. Chérie is honest and encourages conversations that are necessary without disclosing private or proprietary information. Her unique coaching style aligns executive development with business goals and performance.

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To ensure that the right people have the needed skills and abilities to lead their companies into the future, management frequently hires a coach to support “high potentials” as they work to fulfill their leadership capabilities.

The need for executive coaching is extensive. Whether you are an executive that makes all the numbers but lack people skills, your’e technically brilliant but don’t quite make the cut when it comes to communication skills, or perhaps you’re working to meet the challenge of succeeding to the C-Suite, Dr. Chérie can guide you through coaching.

Dr. Chérie has been a coach to CEOs and executives worldwide, and when they choose or promote a new executive, companies will hire Dr. Chérie to ease the

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