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Baby Boomer’s Bible to Life After 50

By the Mother of Coaching, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

Ignite new passions and purpose. Lead a connected, happy and fulfilled life after 50!

Your evolution as a person is non-negotiable,

but how you deal with each change is up to you:


Although your soul may feel young and youthful, you’ve suddenly awakened—your body aches, you have grey hairs, and the years have passed by. Discover how to navigate the changing landscape of your life; learn how to let go of the past and plan for your ideal future that will enable you to fully live in the present!
What you will learn:
  • Methods to keep your body active, your brain fit, and your spirit alive

  • Ways to redefine your new life purpose by redefining what is most important to you

  • What it means to be connected and how to keep nurturing your relationships 

  • Tools to effectively deal with loss 

  • How to design a legacy that honors your life

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Baby Boomer’s Bible to Life After 50!

Learn the secrets that no one ever told you to make the last chapter the best time ever! 

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott is a Master Certified Coach, Trainer, founder of MMS Institute, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author, and who holds a Ph.D. in Human & Organizational Development. For 45 years she has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals, through meaningful life and career transitions. Her focus is to restore emotional safety and balance as she guides clients through challenges, big and small. She teaches them how to build a foundation for happiness and to create a life that motivates, fulfills, and connects with their values and purpose.

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