Honoring Peter Werner, my oldest male friend

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Relationships

I am sitting in Bangkok after my daughter called me with the shocking news. I can hardly believe my ears. I grew up with Peter. He was my cousin, my confidant, and my oldest male friend. When we were both at boarding school in Connecticut, he wrote me letters regularly. His letters were sharing his feelings, his deep thoughts, his perspective on life. In his letters, he taught me how to write from my feelings. He taught me to connect with my deepest part when I was a teenager. He unofficially mentored me in exploring the world of metaphysics. Our connection goes back lifetimes.

I remember in 1975-76 when he was wrestling about which script to choose. I offered him a coaching session to support him in finding his motivation and deepest truth. I can vividly remember when he chose, In the Region of Ice, as the film that spoke to him that he wanted to invest his creativity. No one knew at that moment that his choice would change his life, forever.

We have stayed close over the last 60+ years. We recently had a Zoom call to catch up and stay connected.

The daughter of one of my Chinese coaching students expressed the fact that she wanted to be a film director. I immediately thought of Peter, who knew his dream since he was a boy. He made a homemade film with our group of friends, and when negative people would try to dissuade him from his chosen profession, he always held fast, knowing why he was put on this Earth. Generous Peter reached out to the high school student and encouraged her to go for her dreams. Last year, she won an award in High School in California. He was always there to encourage, inspire, and entertain friends, family, and audiences near and far.

He will live on, as he always knew he would. He will guide and direct us from the other side and he will hear our prayers.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Kedren, Lillie, Katherine, James, and the grandchildren.

Love you Peter…then, now, and always!

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  1. Barbara Adamich

    Dear Chérie – This is a beautiful tribute to your cousin Peter, and I appreciate hearing about your special connection with him. I am sorry you lost your oldest male friend, cousin, and fellow pioneer. I feel you holding him deep in your soul, where he will always be felt and remembered.


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