Dr. Chérie as a

Life Coach

Life Coaching

Whether you’re an entrepreneur searching for balance between your personal and professional life, an artist in search of a creative breakthrough, or a stay-at-home parent who desires to have more fun in your life, Dr. Chérie is here to support you designing, creating, and stepping into a fulfilling and purposeful life.

But what does Dr. Chérie actually do as a life coach?

Dr. Chérie will help you discover your vision, dreams, and goals; then she will assist you in designing a plan with clear objectives, navigate any obstacles/blocks that might be in your way, and support you to fully achieving your dreams. The structure, models, and methodologies that she uses are original, numerous, and are designed to facilitate learning new behaviors for your personal development and professional advancement.
Dr. Chérie develops individuals, facilitates transitions, acts as a sounding board, and addresses subtle sabotaging behaviors. Individuals from around the world contact her to ensure that they are on the track of fulfillment, living life from the inside out, and honoring their true preferences, capabilities, skills, talents, and passions. She has been coaching individuals since 1974 and can assist you or those you care about to transform perceived walls into doors that you can walk through with ease and grace!

I love you and will always appreciate the contribution you have made to my life and to my family’s. I think you know that the workshop and the CTs were profound for me and still are. 

Monica Lenches

Realtor, Estate Specialist

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