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with Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., MCC

“The Mother of Coaching”

A continuing education program driven to develop the very best coaches!

Launching June 2019

Living Life as a Coach illustrates foundational principles of coaching and training.

When you “live life as a coach,” you lead by example, embody the competencies, go for your dreams, stand for outstanding integrity, and continuously strive to be the best! In addition, you encourage, empower, enlighten, and evoke happiness in others, aligning them with their true essence, purpose in life, and unshakable values.


Transformational coaching lifts coaches and clients to their highest and best selves!

When you become a member of Living Life as a Coach you are committed to:

  • Become your most enlightened self

  • Create limitless opportunities for yourself and others

  • Continuously develop and refine your coaching skills

  • Aligning with an inspirational community of outstanding coaches and trainers

  • Consistently delivering the unwavering support your clients need to empower them to manifest their heart’s desires, and their spiritual DNA

  • Learning from “The Mother of Coaching,” Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and her team of elite coaches and trainers who are committed to helping you improve your practice.

  • Whatever it takes to become the very best example of a transformational coach!

Living Life as a Coach is an annual membership program that delivers you new content monthly. You may enter the program at any stage of your development. Each lesson is designed to be applicable regardless of where you are on your journey. Whether you are a coach, a trainer, a trainer that coaches trainers or you aspire to be any of these, this membership program will benefit you.

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott is known around the world as “The Mother of Coaching.” She’s a Master Certified Coach, Trainer, founder of MMS Institute, and New York Times #1 Bestselling Author; she earned her Ph.D. in Human & Organizational Development. Since 1974, she has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals, coaching executives, managers, and their teams through meaningful life and career transitions. Her focus is on restoring emotional safety and balance, so clients can discover inner fulfillment and happiness. By guiding clients through life’s challenges (big and small), she helps them construct their roadmap through setbacks, uncertainty, and myriad possibilities to build their foundation for happiness. She helps her students and clients learn how to balance their entire selves — at work and at home — creating a life that motivates, fulfills, and connects with their values and purpose.


In her work, Dr. Chérie has written 18 books, including New York Times #1 Bestseller If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules. She conducts MMS Coach Trainings on three continents throughout the year, she has developed more than 50 courses, and has been asked to speak for audiences across the globe. Dr. Chérie’s clients have included, Cigna Healthcare, MGM Resorts, IBM, Dole Foods, Chevron, Estee Lauder, Burger King,  Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and dozens more. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, Politically Incorrect and more than 400 radio, TV, print media, and internet exposures worldwide.


Dr. Chérie will be your guide throughout the program, helping you lay the groundwork of your path towards personal growth, transformation, and prosperity, both in your personal life and in your business.

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Your membership to Living Life as a Coach includes:

  • Detailed introductions of each monthly topic, highlighting the new area of focus.

  • Opportunities to learn directly from Dr. Chérie and her team in monthly, live video sessions.

    • LIVE Session with a guest Master Coach hosted by Dr. Chérie with valuable insights, lessons/tips, and real-time coaching with elite coaches.

    • LIVE Q&As with each MCCs and Dr. Chérie.

    • Access to powerful coaching sessions with real people to learn Dr. Chérie’s method and style.

    • Expert breakdowns of live coaching sessions, where Dr. Chérie will explain exactly how master coaches work to be the most effective coaches in the world.

  • Assignments designed to illuminate your strengths and challenges, hold you accountable, and measure your growth throughout the program.

  • Free access to best-selling books, online courses, and valuable in-depth learning materials to improve your coaching ability.

  • Exclusive and/or early access to new offers, products for continuing education credits, taught by Dr. Chérie.

  • Entry to a private online community of elite coaches and trainers to learn from one another, network and build meaningful relationships.

A membership with Living Life as a Coach enables you to improve as a coach, so you can build a successful business. The lessons, support, and community you get from this program will pave the way for your clients, friends, colleagues and family members to be loyal to their highest selves.


In addition, as a member, you will secure exclusive access to offers for new
ICF Accredited CCE Training courses taught by Dr. Chérie.


Join Living Life as a Coach and be empowered to:

  • Accelerate and prioritize your coaching mastery while developing your personal growth

  • Learn how to become more in tune with your client’s needs

  • Remain accountable to your goals, progress, and commitment to become the best version of the coach inside of you

  • Ask questions regarding growing your business to pioneers that have been in the coaching industry since the beginning, 1974

  • Learn new strategies to attract new clients and expand your network


Connect with your purpose, principles, and values.

Get the guidance you need to create a thriving business.


Honor your highest self by serving others and inspiring more joy in the world!


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