Scott’s Perspective Podcast

Coaching Life Skills with
Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott

As part of my 2020 personal upskilling and reskilling plan, I embarked upon training to become a certified coach. Over the years, colleagues and friends often approached for advice or an interested ear, and I thought learning formal coaching skills would help up my overall people development skills. A recommendation from a valued friend led me to discover Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, her husband Michael Pomije, and their MMS Institute team. I joined a 17-week online program composed mostly of professionals from Shanghai and began my formal coaching journey.

While studying hard coaching skills and practicing them was a key component, it was the focus on development of ourselves as people that most intrigued and surprised me. Before starting I thought the course would be solely about coaching techniques and mechanics, whereas a good portion turned out to be focused on learning how to better manage oneself. It was fascinating. These skills are not only crucial for a successful coach, but can help us cultivate stronger relationships and perform better in our personal and professional lives.

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