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Gina Marescia on the CABI book

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When Gina Marescia said that she wanted to write a book on leadership, it sparked Dr. Chérie’s attention. Dr. Chérie had been Gina’s coach and although she had written 18 books, she had never written a book on leadership! Because Warren Bennis was her mentor, she had deferred the entire subject of leadership to Dr. Bennis. This collaboration took many years for both authors to finally complete the book because of different locations, different experiences, and different perspectives. However, together Gina and Dr. Chérie collaborated on their experiences as leaders on different continents, with different groups, and in different industries. Out of all of our hundreds of stories, they chose the very best ones for this book, Impactful Leadership. With stories about executives, managers, and people interested in climbing the ladder, the book is replete with employees growing and transforming in the corporate world.

In this podcast, Dr. Chérie interviews Gina about her leadership model: CABI. That acronym stands for: Confidence and Courage, Articulating with Impact, Branding, and Inquiry. In this 30 minute podcast you will obtain more information than you ever imagined. There’s high Contact, inspiration, a plethora of information, and inside stories that you’ll never hear anywhere else. Dr. Chérie empowered Gina to make her dream come true…to formalize her trademarked training into a landmark book that she could be proud of. This podcast will ignite your leadership passion and launch you on your path!

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