TAKE A BREAK… with Ambre Jolie & Anna Frummerin from Ana-A New Approach

What does it help if you buy a new, stunning outfit if you don’t feel amazing in your own skin?

Anna Frummerin is offering help and advice on how to get confident, feel secure and become successful. There are periods in your life, when you might feel a bit down, work doesn’t give you satisfaction, there might be issues within the family or problem in your relationship or whatever…. Anna offers Action Learning-Team coaching among much, much more. She speaks Swedish (mother tongue) and she is, of course, fluently in English. Anna has been educated by Mrs. Cherie Carter Scott MCC, known as the “Mother of Coaching”. Mrs. Cherie is a pioneer in the field of Human Development and Motivation since 1974 and also Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie, a feature documentary to be released in 2016.

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