It is not easy to live mindfully in a distracted, fast-paced, constantly changing world. If you are a monk living in a temple or in an ashram it is less difficult. This handbook for living mindfully is a practicle guide for everyday living. It explains specifically how to live Mindfully in the activities that we do daily: eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping,tasking, and using electronics to name a few. It also gives tips on how to do these tasks in a mindful manner. 


"To live mindfully is to be present in everything you do. It means to be in the moment, fully conscious, aware, connected, and present to what is happening within you and in the environment surrounding you. To be mindful means that you have quiet between your ears, and you can listen to the stillness. To be mindful means that you can find peace within yourself when the outside world is chaotic, confusing, and cacophonous."

Mainstream Mindfulness


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