Negaholics is the answer to negative self talk, put-downs, and sabotage of yourself and others. It tells how negativity originates, what reinforces it, what you need to do to stop the "cant's" and begin reinforcing the "I cans." This book is a must for everyone, as it is filled with over 70 different tools and techniques which totally transform your attitude and behavior and shows you how to open up the door of possibility and really go after your dreams, goals and wishes.

Are you a Negaholic?

Do you sometimes focus on all the times you blew it and things didn't work out?
Do you often find yourself expecting the worst so as not to be disappointed?
When friends compliment you, do you brush it off, dismiss it, or look for an ulterior motive?
Do you ever talk yourself out of a relationship because you think the person is out of your league?
Do you ever back out of a job opportunity because you are afraid that you might not be up to the challenge?

Do you ever tell yourself that you can't lose weight because you don't have the willpower?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could be a Negaholic - and ready to find help and hope in this book.

Negaholics Stop Being Negative...Reclaim Your Happiness!


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