Each person has his or her individual purpose and distinct path, unique and separate from anyone else. As you travel on your life path, you will be presented with numerous lessons that you will need to learn in order to fulfill that purpose. The lessons that are presented to you are designed specifically for you. Learning these lessons is the key to discovering and fulfilling the purpose and relevance of your life.


Your lessons are like gravity. They must be learned, fully and completely in order for you to attain life mastery and fulfill your purpose.“Messages” are inner imperatives that tell you to do something that seems to be out of the blue. They are irrational, illogical, and unreasonable; they aren’t aligned with your rational plans and usually appear to be an inconvenience. Messages are spiritual DNA that we are born with to guide and direct our lives. These messages embody important information that guide you to take a risk in order to grow.


Everyone gets messages. From mothers to CEO’s, travellers to heads of countries. Whether you call it a hunch, intuition, or guidance, these messages are available to  all of us, at all times if you are willing to be connected and to listen to them. Learn how to recognise your messages and to differentiate them from the voices of the mind. This is the clarification that you have been seeking.

What Is Your Message


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