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Dr. Chérie has discovered that the most important, and often the most difficult part of the human experience is partnering with another. Everyone seem to be looking for love, or trying to find a way to sustain and nourish the love relationship they already have.

Dr. Chérie will help you develop new partnerships and improve existing relationships through reflection, discovery, and self-realization. Through decades of coaching, Dr. Chérie has witnessed individuals manifesting their soul mates, turn breakdowns into breakthroughs, resolve old triggers from childhood, and bring romance back into an old unexciting relationship.

Dr. Chérie wrote the book on love: If Love Is a Game, These Are the Rules. She is quoted as attributing the book to her marriage-partnership of over three decades. The ten rules set forth are universal truths that state, inherently, you already know, but often you lose sight of these truths in the confusing game of romance. Rules as simple as ‘You Must Love Yourself First’, ‘Communication is Essential’, and ‘You Must Nurture the Relationship for it to Thrive’ line the pages of this popular bestseller. Once understood and embraced, these rules will help you to learn more about your true self and your needs, and make you better able to manifest your soulmate.

Your Relationship with Yourself

Excerpted from: If Love Is a Game, These Are the Rules by Chérie Carter‐Scott, Ph.D., MCC

Your relationship with yourself is the central template from which your personal destiny manifests.

The relationship with the “Self” is the most important and crucial relationship in your life. Your career, your personal relationships, your home, and your health are all a direct result of the quality of your relationship with you. The way you hold yourself creates a vibration that sends a message to the world about who you are, what you deserve, and how you should be treated.

The relationship with the “Self” is the way you hold, perceive, believe in, and relate to you. It is comprised of the various thoughts you have about yourself, the ideas you have about how others perceive you, the emotions you feel about yourself, your judgments about yourself, your perception of your self-worth, and your internal conversations in your mind. Your relationship with yourself includes the way you treat yourself, whether you abuse, neglect, or honor your needs, feelings, and wants. It also includes the promises you make to yourself, the subsequent actions that you take, and the manner in which you deal with your completed projects and your broken agreements with yourself: when things go your way, how you express your satisfaction; when things go awry, how you deal with your displeasure.

If everything goes perfectly, how do you interact with you? How do you relate to yourself when circumstances occur that are disappointing, upsetting, or unfortunate? Your relationship with yourself includes how you make decisions and choices and the manner in which you determine your life compass. Your relationship with yourself, however, goes beyond making choices, and encompasses every interaction that you have with yourself, every moment of every day. It starts when you awaken in the morning and extends to your dreams throughout the night.

In addition, this relationship includes how you relate to and manage your productivity on a daily basis, how you manage your time, energy, projects, finances, and network of associates. The essential question is: do you manage your motivation with diminishment, dismissal, and disregard, or do you use the tools of recognition, reinforcement, and reward? If you have never thought about this, consider this concept. When you are “at one” with yourself, you are in alignment, and it is peaceful inside. When something happens that does not meet your expectations, a conversation can start that splits you in two. The dialogue that ensues is between you (your public self) and the self (the private you). Or the dialogue may include more than two voices, but the point is you are no longer at one, and it is no longer quiet inside. Sometimes the voice engages when you must make a decision and are uncertain about what to do.

An opportunity may be offered to take a job in a remote location away from family or friends, or you have a proposal of marriage and are uncertain whether the person you have been dating is someone with whom you want to spend your life. Whatever the situation, when the mental dialogue starts, you are no longer present, and you have become more than “one.”

If you like what you’ve learned and want to read more, you can purchase a copy of If Love Is a Game, These Are the RulesClick HERE.

Dr. Chérie uses her Love book as the essential tool when coaching individuals and couples. Dr. Chérie is honest and encourages conversations that are necessary without offending anyone, and supporting the coachees in transforming their relationship.

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If Love Is A Game, These Are The Rules

This is a book I have read many times. Great little life book to share with others. Everyone will get something different out of it because we all have different life lessons to be learned.

Karen Johnson
Amazon Review

I read part of this book while waiting at the Dr’s office, and had to order it for myself. I really opened my eyes to how I can improve my relationship not only with others, but also with myself.

Amazon Review

I would recommend this book to anyone just starting out in a relationship. Her first book If Life is a Game, These are the rules I have had on my shelf for years. It does not matter your culture or belief system these two books outline common sense to all walks of life.

Owen Gaasedelen
Amazon Review

The book is more than amazing and really I hope if we can follow these rules in actual life in addition I like her theory of “you have to love and respect yourself before thinking hw to love others. Really Amazing!

Goodreads Review

This was one of the best books I have read on everlasting love. So in search of something more meaningful than what I had been experiencing in my relationships, I had an earnest desire to finally figure out what was going on inside of me, that had me feeling so empty inside my relationships.

Lisa A. Romano
Amazon Review

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