Rule #6: “There is No Better Than Here”

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Life, Personal Growth

It occurred to me this morning that Rule #6, “There is no better than Here” is an appropriate rule for this moment in time. I hear many people saying, “Enough is enough!”, “I can’t wait until we can get back to our normal lives.” and “If only, we could either turn back the clock or fast forward to the future, when the pandemic is over.”

This sounds a lot like either wishing for a better future or clinging to how things used to be in the past. Neither of those options are ideal. The most preferable way to deal with the pandemic is to be in the present. Easier said than done. If you have any mind-chatter, or feelings about these past two years, then it might be challenging to click into the present and ride out the wave choosing “Be here now!”

The biggest challenge with living for the future is that it may not be like the past. In addition, the future will definitely have its one challenges that at this moment, we cannot anticipate. We believe there will be a future and we hope and imagine that it will be desirable, however, we truly have no idea what the future will bring.

The best way to be in the present is to manage the present. That means to become more mindful and aware of our thoughts, feelings, and reactions to what is happening daily. Consider keeping a journal that is a mental and emotional download of your internal world. Use the journal as the receptacle to capture what you don’t want anyone to know about you. It is a safe and anonymous place to say the unspeakable thoughts, and to share the indescribable feelings that you might not want to admit to yourself.

This is first step in the process of becoming present…fully present…to yourelf.


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