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If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules is a template for living. Everyone needs to read these words of wisdom. It’s ‘simple’ yet important stuff.

Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

Author, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

This book helped me to “see the light” and I have given copies of it to quite a few family members! It really makes you think and if nothing else, I learned that there are no mistakes, only lessons!!!! And you better learn your lesson the first time or you’ll be repeating it over and over until you learn it! Really a great book!

Galina Kalinina

Parenting Coach & Mentor

I absolutely love it! I’m recommending it to all my friends and clients.

Nicholas Keys

How wonderful it would be if we were all given Chérie Carter-Scott’s ten rules the day we were born. Chérie has been teaching these rules for over twenty years. In her seminars, these rules have resonated with thousands of people. If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules are universal truths that all of us can learn to live happier lives that are full of self-acceptance, understanding, love, success, and the inner knowing that we’re all in this game together, on the same team. The door to a satisfying life lies within each of us, and Chérie’s eternal inspiring message provides the key.

Jack Canfield

Co-Author, Chicken Soup For The Soul

Seemingly simple, this book is layered with wisdom for those willing to put in the effort to think how the text applies to one’s life. It reminds me of a Buddhist text where a seemingly simple statement can illuminate a powerful insight. If put into action, this little tome could profoundly affect how life is experienced and lived.

William McGhee

American Film Actor

The Ten Rules for Being Human are entertaining and fun–but more than that, they’re TRUE.

Marianne Williamson

Author, The Healing of America and A Return to Love

“In 1997 when I read If Life is a Game, These are the Rules forever! Who knew that 25 years later I would have the honor of Dr. Chérie being my coach! Even with all the accolades and accomplishments under her belt, Dr. Chérie is one of the warmest, most caring, down-to-earth coaches you will ever meet. Her coaching style is first and foremost empowering and always client-centered. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious and her dedication to her clients is top-notch. “The mother of coaching” is the perfect blend of warm, caring, nurturing, and professional while being totally honest, precise, and strategic. I still have to pinch myself that I get to interact with this phenominal woman’s wisdom, experience, talent, and knowledge. I dearly hope that one day I can make a similar contribution to the world.”

JJ Flizanes

Empowerment Strategist and Host of Spirit, Purpose & Energy Podcast

As a Life Coach

Dr. Cherie and I have been friends for 15 years. Our conversations are always passionate, filled with laughter, vulnerable, and authentic. Dr. Cherie is truly a kindred soul to me. She’s unique: as every turn in life brings a challenge, she trumps it with her fighting spirit and humble surrender to a greater plan. I’ll always remember when she coached me as a sample for the coaching class, and her energy enveloped me in a safe bubble while I processed all the raw feelings of my uncertainty of my purpose in front of a group of strangers and getting one breakthrough after another. Her smile had been the most brilliant and assuring. She had helped me move forward in life in so many ways without ever imposing, but because of her gift as a coach, she is able to help me know what truly matters to me and empower me to reach for it. If anyone knows me, I am the most routine person, very comfortable with staying put, and most unlikely to budge anywhere if not forced to. So what she has done for me is quite a feat and I am most grateful to her from the bottom of my heart.–

Dr. Jinnie

Dr. Chérie’s coaching ability is one that everyone should have an opportunity to experience. From the first time I saw her speak, I wanted to be around her and to learn from her. She is an amazing and powerful woman. Thank you to Dr. Cherie for helping me realize my true passion. I will always keep this day in the center of my heart, and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Denise Johnson

I love you and will always appreciate the contribution you have made to my life and to my family’s. I think you know that the workshop and the CTs were profound for me and still are. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use the tools in some way. It has very much become a way of life for me.

Monica E. Lenches

Realtor, Estate Specialist

Dr. Cherie’s presentation is very practical in relating to daily life. She gave me stuff I can really put to use in my life in a practical way and I like that. Thank you for starting coaching, for all the information and just for being the palpable presence of non-judgment that you are.

Nancee Noel

Dr Chérie has great capability in her innovative and constructive understanding of our issues. With her strength of understanding, she is able to translate the issues we were facing into an action plan, changing our ideas and thoughts about the negative issues that we were facing into a positive and creative approach which we were able to apply.

Anthony Jude Tan

I have found my life purpose. Design my life’s frame-work, a clear values lists for pursuing a fulfillment life which bring values for more people. Being more mindful, compassion and trust in my own wisdom. Bringing awareness into the full light, changed some of my old behaviors and self limited beliefs so I can be more aligned with the person I want to become. Getting so much joys from daily life and working with people. I am full of gratitude every day. I am thankful for where I am and the support from the universe. Life is beautiful through the new lens that I have.

Chi Ho


It’s no coincidence that the acronym for Transitional Life Coaching is the same as Tender Loving Care as Dr. Chérie is highly fluent in providing both. I’ve had the honor of being coached by her on several occasions (once on Facebook live!) and each time it propelled my quality of life to a level I only dared to imagine. She coaches in a fashion that will make you feel secure, capable, and unconditionally loved and will ask the questions that will help unlock your incredible future.

Kiyomi Griess, ACC

Dr. Cherie has this ability to draw out of a person what they want even after they say “I don’t know” to her questions, I look forward from learning from her as I am taking her Coaches Training this spring.

Nader Ahmed

Take The Next Step

Toward Your Personal & Professional Greatness

As a Coach Trainer

The Master Class taught me how-to conduct MMS programs from emotional safety for the participants, and to hold space for the team; it includes the curriculum design as well as the purpose of every activity in the MMS programs…and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I got to fully understand the MMS philosophy and essence, the reasoning behind the messages, the process, and the grounding. Chérie’s storytelling was mind-blowing. Lynn’s passion was unshakable. Michael’s humility deserved respect and Manon’s enthusiasm was infectious. I have never been in any environment with such supportive and loving energy. I was excited, I was touched, I was deeply moved by my experience in the Master Class. I had an opportunity to reflect on myself and acknowledge me in a totally different way. At the end of the class, I sat there in complete serenity seeing all the beautiful faces and witnessing their transformation. The class supported me to bring MMS Coach Training to Vietnam to a deeper more profound level. My deepest gratitude to the team who made this transformational experience happen.

Doan Huynh Van Anh

Head of Corporate Accounts, ICF PCC

The MMS training is the very best (non-degrees) training experience I’ve had in my professional career. The combination of in-person and virtual training worked so well; but the greatest value was the practice, the experiential learning, the mentoring, and the support. Add to that the value of being coached in dyads and triads, learning about myself, and learning from my fellow coaches. And being coached by you, Dr. Cherie, and learning directly from you was a wonderful experience.

Erin Tyler

I met Dr. Chérie 5 years ago and she made a profound impact on my life. Despite all the accolades Dr. Chérie has earned, including her achievements, she comes across with the utmost humility, authenticity, and sincerity about everything that she commits to. My magical encounter with her resolved our University’s intention to proceed with MMS Coach Training. She supported us from recruiting students for the first cohort in UAE to facilitating the entire course herself. Her brilliance and magic shined throughout even after we completed the cohort.

Being in the midst of COVID, all classes were virtual, and despite that, her demonstration coaching sessions powerfully jumped through the computer screen as if we were right next to her. She was able to successfully transmit that magic and passion to every student, and I can attest to that emphatically since I was also one of her students.

She walks her talk which makes it so much more impactful to the class. Listening to her rings of her ethics and integrity. We students loved to listen to her recorded sessions over and over again to capture the essence of her coaching mindset and her pure essence.

Even though she has coached CEOs at the most elite companies in the world, she treats each student/coachee in the same way as she would treat the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I know that from my own experience having been coached by her. I have read several of her books and the simplicity and practicality of her writings are like golden nuggets of wisdom drawn from her own life experience. Her story of how she became “called” to coaching is an absolute must-read for all aspiring coaches.

Finally, the MMS coaching approach, developed by Dr. Chérie, is truly a game changer and is completely aligned with the ICF Core Competencies. I have become  a passionate life coach because of her and I wish to pass on her legacy to individuals everywhere.

Vidya Nandagopal PhD, ACC


“In 1997 when I read If Life is a Game, These are the Rules forever! Who knew that 25 years later I would have the honor of Dr. Chérie being my coach! Even with all the accolades and accomplishments under her belt, Dr. Chérie is one of the warmest, most caring, down-to-earth coaches you will ever meet. Her coaching style is first and foremost empowering and always client-centered. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious and her dedication to her clients is top-notch. “The mother of coaching” is the perfect blend of warm, caring, nurturing, and professional while being totally honest, precise, and strategic. I still have to pinch myself that I get to interact with this phenominal woman’s wisdom, experience, talent, and knowledge. I dearly hope that one day I can make a similar contribution to the world.”

JJ Flizanes

Empowerment Strategist and Host of Spirit, Purpose & Energy Podcast

The moment I met Cherie, I felt a special connection and I thought: she can teach me some things that are important for me to learn. So I took the MMS Coach Training, which exceeded my allready high expectations. I learnt a lot about myself, got rid of a couple of major limiting beliefs and learnt to be an effective coach, able to empower others. I use my newly acquired skills in my businesses, in my family and in every aspect of my life, wherever I find it appropriate to use them. What I especially like about Cherie and Lynn is that they really practice what they preach. This illustrates the power of their philosophy. I can highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless whether you want to become a professional coach, change jobs or just want to get better at what you are already doing.

Rolan Slot

Founder, Aberkyn Change Leadership Partners

During the training I watched Dr. Cherie coach, and learned from her experience. Her down to earth, effective, and pure way of coaching has been inspirational to me. I really like her clarity of language. She gave me tips to improve my coaching, offered support when I needed it, and she provided an environment totally conducive for me to grow. I learned so much from sitting next to her in one session and feeling up close and personal exactly how she coaches. The MMS Coach Training is something I would recommend to any consultant who wants to deepen their skills to be more effective with clients.

Gabrielle Sepers

MMS Certified Coach

MMS and Cherie work from a place of deep empathy and understanding of the business context. The MMS Coach Training is one of the most empowering experiences I have been through in my life: it freed me from limiting mindsets and opened up a potential in me that I had been unconscious about up to that moment. It created a foundation for trusting my inner knowing that has been guiding me ever since. Cherie is a masterful and transformational coach – she is wholly committed to serving the growth of others and is a champion in calling forth that growth.

Marc Padberg

Former BCG employee, The Netherlands

As a Corporate Consultant

I have known Dr. Carter-Scott for nearly 40 years. During that time, our company has done work for her firm, and MMS Institute, LLC has done work for my businesses, Keller & Co, and Keller Business Development Advisory Group. We have had a very satisfactory relationship and I can vouch for the fact that Dr. Carter-Scott, personally, and MMS Institute LLC, professionally, are both reputable and honorable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me as I am happy to provide both a personal and professional reference for Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott and her companies.

David K. Keller, PhD

President, Keller Research Institute

It has been about six months since you began working with us here at Republic Indemnity. During that period of time, we have seen a marked improvement in morale and employee attitude throughout the company. I want to point out the improved feelings that our employees have about themselves after attending the self-esteem workshops. All in all we find that working with you and your staff has been a positive experience for Republic Indemnity Company of America.

Gerald Kreger

President, Republic Indemnity Company of America

We used Motivation Management Service to help us design and implement programs to help create a coaching culture. Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Michael Pomije taught coaching skills to the partners and to various levels of management. In addition, they also coached 15 of our high potentials. We were pleased with their collaborative style and with the results that were produced with their guidance. Dr. Chérie is an extremely capable master coach and facilitator who helped our staff become even more effective at the execution of their jobs. Her coaching skills are outstanding! We are very grateful for their help.

Kaisri Nuengsigkapian

CEO, KPMG Thailand

The MMS team building effort enabled us to overcome obstacles such as apathy, lateness, absenteeism and unresolved conflicts, and motivated our team to a new level of performance. Thanks to The MMS Institute, we’ve not only reaped the benefits of the interpersonal skills and communication tools within our own division, we’ve spread the success through other departments. Our progress in a very short period was phenomenal.

Larry Katz


On behalf of the Sports Club Company, I want to thank you for the brilliant workshop that you conducted with our staff. I am amazed at your ability to interact with a new group; allowing them the freedom to open up and express themselves and their concerns. I am also most appreciative of the way in which you collaborated with me to put a program together based on our needs and desired outcomes.

​We have already seen the benefits and accomplishments of several of our goals as well as greater communication between our managers on the whole. With your help, we have been able to recognize and address many of the areas for improvement along with our positions of strength for taking The Sports Club Company to the next level.

Bill Milham

VP Operations, The Sports Club Company

What began as an experiment in collaboration with you – and MMS – and FMC, has evolved into a partnership where you’ve made an enormous difference in our company’s change efforts and in the lives of the people you’ve worked with here. You have been a teacher, facilitator, team-builder, coach, and friend. Your insights into people and tasks are rare gifts that help people understand and cope with issues.

Patricia Brozowski

FMC Corporation

As an International Speaker

On behalf of the Ronald McDonald Charities Program of Greater Las Vegas, I would like to thank you for your presentation at our Western Regional Conference. We were honored to have a speaker of your caliber for our conference and as demonstrated in the surveys we received, our audience felt you were an incredible success. Your words of inspiration and praise of the Ronald McDonald House employees was truly appreciated.

Jo Ann Malone

Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities

I would like to take a moment to recognize your contribution to me and my respective teams over the last five years. We have collaborated on many projects and your unwavering, loyal support has been important as well as a key factor in the outstanding results we have produced. Your skills and abilities have proven to be extremely successful in results- driven businesses who are constantly challenged. We have both witnessed 300% increases in sales and customer satisfaction. A $150 million business unit has been transformed into the corporation’s #1 Sales & Service operations.

Bob Freinberg


I and the SCU team cannot begin to thank you enough for the transformational day we spent with you. I know it was a thrilling experience for everybody, one I feel strongly will help to propel us into creating richer and more rewarding ways of working with our donors, each other and the university. While you may have felt like a lion tamer at times, the truth is, you were our captain, one who navigated our way with expertise and grace.

Sudi Saub

Director of Schools, University of California Santa Barbara

When I book a speaker for The Principal, I always hope they will inspire, educate, or motivate our employees. You did all three with ease – the mark of a true professional!

Deb Curtis

Corporate Accountant, The Principal Financial Group

Thank you for making the Seventh National Court Technology Conference the best ever!

Maureen Mucha

Court Technology Conference

I want to take a moment to personally thank you for all you have done for my organization and me. Your willingness to do whatever is needed and wanted is only surpassed by your outstanding interpersonal skills. It is extraordinary how someone can be such a composite of so many positive qualities and skills, yet amazingly outstanding in every one of them.

Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises

Being in sales for 18 years, I have attended my share of “sales ” success and “motivational” seminars. The is the first time I can truly say that I am using the techniques I learned from you months later. You got to the heart of the sales process. The result is that we are saving time, making more money and building stronger client relationships.

Bob Fatch, Wilt, Fatch

Perry Insurance

Finding a keynote speaker who can inspire and motivate an entire room full of people is not always an easy task, but you surpassed all our expectations.

Patti Holquist

Rockford Health System

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