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A transition is the phase between two clearly defined stages in human development. In each transition there is a beginning, a middle, and an end to each phase. For example, adolescence is the transition between childhood and adulthood.


Transitions are not always comfortable, predictable, or easy, but the more mindful you are in the experience the easier it is to make conscious choices. It is only in the last forty-five years that the phases in human development have been clearly defined.

The seven main transitions in a person’s lifetime are the following:
1. Birth to age 2
2. Early childhood to 10-12 beginning of puberty
3. Puberty and adolescence 12-14 to 19-21
4. Early adulthood 21-40
5. 40-64 career development and parenting
6. 65-75 retirement, grand-parenting, reinvention
7. 75-80-90 the final chapter

Transitions are important to acknowledge. If you don’t manage the phases of the transition, the transition will manage you. Transitions happen, they are inevitable, however, looking at each transition and facing the changes that are happening: physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, interpersonally, and spiritually in terms of
expectations and realities is critically important for one’s overall well-being, happiness, and fulfillment.

There are three ways to manage a transition. You can ignore it; you can worry about it; however, my favorite way is to hire a coach to ensure that you are dealing with all the changes, and planning for a smooth and effective transition. Expectations are critical.

Unfulfilled expectations are one of the main reasons for general unhappiness. People compare themselves and their station in life to others of similar age, or to their unconscious expectations of themselves and they feel disappointed, like they let themselves or others down.

Just as it is difficult for an individual to cut the hair on the back of his head, it is also challenging to ask ourselves questions and to actively listen to our thoughts, feelings, wishes, and hopes.

Successful transitions have a vision of the future. The future is not defined by the past.

Rather than yearning for the good old days, or lamenting about your present circumstances, instead formulate your vision, strategize your action plan, and set out to manifest a future that you want to step into.

Your present transition may be obvious or subtle. It may relate to your career, your relationship, your family, finances, or the next chapter of your life. Regardless of which transition you are in the middle of, step back, reflect, and design your life from the
inside out!

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